Welcome to the website of Sûrplus Ukraine foundation

In 1999 the Sûrplus Ukraine foundation was registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. We are active in the most west region of the Ukraine, Korolevo and surrounding.

Our mission: to give financial, material and technical support to families with handicapped or foster children as well as supporting individuals or organisations for healthcare, development and education. We are active in the West of the country, close to the Hungarian border. We stay in contact with the families and projects both by our annual trip to Ukraine and through our local “agent” mr. Miroslav.

You can help us with a direct or general donation, one time or more structural. Or you can become part of the financial adoption program. All donations are welcome.

IBAN: NL34 RABO 0320 57 8720    BIC: RABONL2U
t.n.v.: Stichting Sûrplus
KVK: 22044463

Stichting Sûrplus is recognized as a PBO. When you live in the Netherlands, this gives you some tax advantages